December festivities.

All we need now is a light sprinkling of snow and we are all set!

Our nearest major city and favourite place to shop is Manchester, now at its busiest. Festooned with lights and crowded with shoppers, museum goers and theatre lovers, the streets are filled with Christmas markets and delicious smells. We managed to buy almost all of our presents over the weekend and had time to fit in a bookbinding exhibition and an evening dining with friends.

The illustration above is taken from my "Gardener's Scrapbook Calendar" 2010, which has reprinted this year and am told will also be available for 2011. I have a very limited supply now in my shop, they are also available in UK high street shops, I even spotted some in our local Post Office!

click the photograph to see more detail.


  1. I didn't realise you were close to Manchester. My son went to uni there so I visited a few times. Glad you managed to do so much shopping.
    BTW - is your dormouse jigsaw with Wentworth and is it already available as I can't find it on their site and would like to buy it.

  2. I like snowmen and your calendar looks so lovely.


  3. Dear Weaver of Grass,

    you will find the jigsaw here I hope.


    If you have further problems please get in touch, :-)

  4. Ah, what beautiful work you do. You are such an inspiration!

    Merry Christmas, my talented friend! ((hugs))

  5. Hello,
    I wish I could get my shopping done!
    love your festive card.x

  6. Beautiful calendar Valerie! I love the snowman!

  7. Hello Valerie, your calender looks great. And what lovely site of England. WE got 12 inches of snow yesterday. I would be happy to share with you. VBG Hugs Judy

  8. Lovely drawing - I wish Manchester, New Hampshire looked as lovely (that's where I'm from)!

  9. I love the shops when they go all christmassy and special. Makes shopping so much nicer. Lucky you doing all your present shopping already. I still have a way to go with mine. Love the robin card and the snowman.

  10. I love your holly and ivy, and your Christmas robin and snowman too. I have a soft spot for snowmen, and yours is very special.

  11. Oh, i so love this. so are you an artist too then? Could I at all interest you in joining my art co-op? You can read all about it if you click on the creative Tuesday icon on my side bar. You'd be such a great addtion. I jsut love that snowman calendar.

  12. What a lovely blog - so happy that I found it!