Robin Redbreast.

I have just returned from the printers with a box of newly printed Christmas cards after much deliberation. The usual dilemma, do I print on demand just enough for my own needs, expensive but easy, or do I bring down the cost per card by printing in quantity?

I decided to bite the bullet this year and go for option number two. I will probably send or give most of these cards myself but I have saved some for the shop, so if anyone is interested please have a look here.

The design features our native robin, one of my favourite birds. One like this lives in my garden and appears every time I start to dig, which isn’t very often now the weather has turned chilly. When the weather turns really cold they fluff out their feathers and appear to be spherical though I haven’t noticed them doing that this year...yet.

All of which is a good excuse to include this traditional rhyme-

The north wind doth blow
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then poor thing?
He’ll sit in a barn,
And keep himself warm
And hide his head under his wing
Poor thing.

(and who could blame him?)

By the way, thank you to all those who have entered my fabric giveaway. I will be back on Monday to draw two names out of the hat.


  1. This is a really beautiful card. I'm sure you'll sell all those you don't use yourself.

  2. Such a beautiful card! I shall have to call my son Robin in to see what an English robin bird looks like! Ours are a lot bigger and not half so cute!

  3. Lovely card. I love robins. I associate them with happiness and new beginnings.

  4. Ah gorgeous! One of my favourite little creatures.

  5. Valerie, I absolutely love the shapes of your English robins, and that they often appear as Christmas motifs.

    I think that your card design is a classic. It is wonderful that you decided to print more than the minimum. So many folks will be able to have the pleasure of seeing your painting.

    Best wishes. xo

  6. hi acornmoon . . . sold!!! i just ordered a box to be shipped post-haste (can i say that?!!) to canada for use sometime in the future. it's a gorgeous gorgeous card. steven

  7. I do love robins, we have one that comes every year. Beautiful card.

  8. This is an absolutely beautiful design. Robins are such sweet birds, and your card captures their essence perfectly! xo Gigi

  9. So beautiful! Checking out your shop now. :)

  10. Merry Christmas Valerie to you and your family, Your Christmas Card is very beautiful. The Robin is our Michigan state bird. I have lots of holly and berries in my garden so the birds can enjoy eating berries all winter. Hugs Judy

  11. Hi there
    I have two very tame ones in the allotment. They obligingly sit on fork handles pretending to be Christmas card designs! x

  12. They are so beautiful.

    I love sending out and receiving cards this time of the year. I like to keep them. I have a whole box full of cards that I have kept, some are over 30 years. I keep planning on finding a big frame and putting them under glass like a collage.

    Sadly alot of people do not like to send cards anymore. I can understand sometimes.


  13. These cards are just beautiful; I just love all that detail, too.

  14. Lovely cards, I love Robins. We have one that comes and eats from our bird table every morning with the sparrows and blackbirds:)

  15. I told you I was writing some posts about Olde Christmas this year and though I haven't written the post yet, I have already plugged in the paintings of English robins I found into a post about the Christmas Robin. I wish I had seen yours before now. It is absolutely beautiful. Having already asked for permission to use one of your paintings, I hate to ask twice.

    I would love to just once see an English robin. Our robins are thrushes and have orange breasts.

  16. What a lovely design - Robins are so special, the iconic Christmas bird! I love to hear their winter song when I'm gardening, it's so wistful.


  17. Absolute treasure!
    Hope your season is wonderful~

  18. BTw, i have always loved English Robins and their depictions. this is no exception. Absolutely charming in every way and prefect for Christmas.