"The Art of Christmas" an exhibition

Illustration by Peter Malone from "The Nutcracker"

Illustration by Patricia Papps "Winter Fairy"

Illustration by Kate Greenaway.

I have just received a rather beautiful catalogue, which has been produced by “Books Illustrated” to accompany an exhibition of original artworks to be held at The Air Gallery in London from the 15th to the 20th of December. I am looking forward to my visit with eager anticipation, it will be a great excuse to visit London and see the Christmas decorations and maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping.

I will be having three works in this exhibition, which is very exciting, including the robin illustration above which I did some years ago for the World Wide Fund for Nature. The star of the show however, will be Peter Malone who will be featuring the complete works from his new book “The Nutcracker”, (see above) recently published by Knopf. I am a great fan of Peter’s work, which looks even more exquisite when you see it up close. He has an amazing eye for detail and his work has a timeless quality I think.

There will be works by some of Britain’s best loved contemporary illustrators, including Christian Birmingham, Charles Van Sandwyk and Patricia Papps alongside classic illustrators from the past such as Annie French, Honor Appleton, Arthur Rackham and Heath Robinson to name but a few. So, if you are looking for any stocking fillers and you have very deep pockets, you could treat yourself to an original Kate Greenaway perhaps? Well we can dream…


  1. That robin in absolutely beautiful acornmoon - I so envy your huge drawing and design talent.

  2. The exhibition sounds so exciting! And what a perfect time of year, too. The robin reminds me of a vintage postcard in my collection.

  3. Oh, your painting was my favorite! So pretty! You should make that into a Christmas card.

    And how I would love to go with you to London for the exhibition!

  4. Valerie, these images are so pretty, full of magic!
    I love your Robin,one of my favourite birds. You are such a talented artist, I look again and again at your work.
    Have a good time at the exhibition.x

  5. I love your robin illustration! It's Christmas card perfect!

    Happy holidays Valerie!

  6. It's nice to be able to drool and not think it might just be my age. Thanks.

  7. Dreaming of an original illustration in your stocking huh? I was just hoping for more walnuts than brazil nuts and tasty, juicy orange, since none have been found in our grocery in quite a while!

    Enjoy your visit. Show us some pictures of London all decorated for Christmas! I have never been there.

  8. I love robins, and yours is so pretty.
    Have a wonderful time in London.

  9. The Robin is wonderful. Good luck with the exhibition and I hope enjoy your stay in London.

  10. Lovely robin. Enjoy the exhibition as it sounds wonderful. Hope you get your wish. I would love to see the Arthur Rackham pictures, meanwhile I have my book to look at.

  11. What a sweet little robin. We've had a cheeky wee fellow who KEEPS coming in any chance he gets! And he hides when we try to get him out! Nosy chap.

    Oh what I would give for an original Kate Greenaway... Imagine!

  12. Such a beautiful painting and Robin's are my favourite bird! I wish I could attend this exhibition which sounds wonderful and I hope you enjoy it and your shopping. I have been unable to blog for several weeks and have some catching up to do and am looking forward to reading more of your recent entries.

    All the best,


  13. Your holiday Robin is so beautiful! And that sound like a wonderful show! Do enjoy!