Counting the days.

I have been doing a lot of counting recently, brought about the recent celebration of my 60th birthday. There, I have owned up to being in my sixties. If I say it often enough the fact may actually sink in.

I have been counting my blessings, of which there are many. Counting the many places on my “to visit” list with the aid of my Senior Railcard, a third off discounts, hooray!

Counting the days to the arrival of a very special baby in the spring…..

and counting the days till the publication of Acornmoon’s first title- “White is the Moon”.

The advance title information has been prepared here and the publication date set for 24th April 2014.

Apart from that, my time has been taken by caring for an elderly family member who had a very nasty fall. We are all counting ourselves very lucky to have had excellent care from our wonderful NHS.