The Royal Miniature Society's 125th Anniversary Exhibition

Yesterday we travelled down to London for the day to see the RMS exhibition at The Mall Gallery. I had entered seven paintings and was delighted to have all paintings accepted for the show. I was delighted to learn that I had won two awards. 

The first award was the Society's award for the best collection of five or more works. I entered a set of six gilded bird paintings which I had been working on earlier in the year. 

The second award was an Honourable Mention for the Golden Memorial Bowl. This was for my painting Wren with Ivy, shown above.

It was lovely to meet up with friends old and new and to see close up all the wonderful miniature exhibits.

The exhibition runs until December 5th, details are on the Society's website. Entry is free but you need to book a ticket.

Most of the paintings are for sale and would make the most beautiful gifts, also on sale are greetings cards featuring the artworks of our members. Please visit if you are able, I think you would be entranced.


Exploring Silverpoint

Recently I have been experimenting with Silverpoint drawing. This is a very old technique favoured by artists of the Renaissance which produces very soft and subtle marks which darken over time as the metal tarnishes.

To begin you need to prepare your ground, I used Silverpoint Drawing Ground by C. Roberson and Co.
Mine was traditional off white, I painted it onto Strathmore Illustration board. In the past I have used pre-prepared paper. If you don't have a ground the silver doesn't make a suitable mark.

For very fine lines you can use silver wire and you can attach it to a handle or use it in a clutch pencil, providing that the dimensions are the same. I also purchased a pencil type with a thicker piece of silver, this makes thicker, heavier lines and you can use it to good effect for shading.

It's fun to experiment with different kinds of metals and objects, this tiny silver spoon was used to create a soft texture on the hare drawing below. The hare and cygnet drawings are ACEO size, 3.5 by 2.5 inches. It has not been possible to show these images at a high resolution due to their size but I hope it gives some idea of the effects of this medium. Maybe you will feel inspired to have a try yourself?

The tiny drawing featured here are for sale in my Etsy shop Acornmoon. 


Good News!


I was delighted to learn that my gilded miniature painting entitled "Golden Silence" was voted as a joint winner of the most popular exhibit in this years Hilliard Society Exhibition held in Wells last month. Although the exhibition is now closed it continues online and as I write this painting is still for sale.
You can find details of the online exhibition here- The Hilliard Society 2021 Exhibition

It has been an inspiring time here in England, we have had sunshine and showers and everything in the garden is growing apace. The Swallowtail butterfly miniature is a recently completed piece.

The decorated Jay was a private commission for a bird lover who's name begins with J.


Busy as a bee!


Hello again, I hope all is well with you and yours. Spring is always a busy time, longer days and warmer temperatures are always welcome and bring a new found energy to create, garden and explore.

I have been busy painting bees, inspired by the many bumblebees in my garden at the moment. It has been fun to add gilding to these paintings.

In fact I have been getting carried away with gilding, there is something so entrancing about the shiny metal that becomes addictive!
This painting of a Wheatear has been given the treatment, using both flat and raised gilding in the borders.

Finally, I have been busy with preparations for this years Hilliard Exhibition of miniature paintings to be held in Wells Town Hall. The above painting "Golden Silence" will be one of the many miniatures on show.
More details on their website.
 June 5th - 12th 2021

(closed on Sun 6th June)


In the bleak Midwinter


Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well and coping in these difficult times. I have been grateful to have had lots of projects to occupy my mind and have found great solace in creativity. The news about the dreaded Covid 19 virus continues to go from bad to worse so it has been good to have easy access to some beautiful places to walk our dog and to observe nature. 

Towards the end of last year I tried out digital printing onto silk. The results were encouraging and I hope to have more available soon.

This Amaryllis waited until New Years day to flower. I am taking that as a good omen!

I think this is possibly the most miniature of miniature paintings I have completed to date, the image measures just over one inch across and one and a quarter inches high. The hand made frame is ebony and the painting is displayed under bevelled glass. I really didn't want to part with it but it is now with my gallery Books Illustrated at Art of the Imagination.