Spotlight on Sweet Tidings

Over the next few weeks I hope to shine a little light on some of the wonderful bloggy places and people that I have come across recently in order to share with you inspiration. It is a constant source of delight to me just how individual each blog is both in content and appearance.

As I have now begun to amass a good selection of fabrics, mostly samples from my quilt collections, I have been naturally drawn to the crafters who sew and quilt. Also, for the first time in my life, I have a room where I can leave my sewing machine set up without having to tidy everything away. Yes, there are some advantages to being an empty nester!

My first port of call is Sweet Tidings, this creative lady resides in the Philippines, and the thing I love about her blog the most is her sense of style. She is also something of a philosopher and apart from having a multitude of interesting links, this week wabi-sabi, she also has a craft supply shop called Happy Handmades. I have a terrible addiction to craft books and anything Japanese so when I saw her book on Zakka crafts I had to have it.

The first photograph shows how beautifully she wrapped my book and the second shows one of her sewn creations. There is always something to make me smile on her site, why don’t you pop over and say hi?


  1. Did you see the TV programme on BBC4 about wabi-sabi? - a subtle concept "If you can define it, it's not wabi-sabi" .

    Those books look tempting - especially the Japanese fabric bags.


  2. I like the pretty neutrals of the pictures you chose. I must pop over to check them out. thank you

  3. If there is one thing that blogland has taught me, Valerie, it is that there are some very talented people about.

  4. Yes, she is very talented! Thanks for featuring her. I also like the candy cane buttons in her shop. Sweet!

  5. Beautiful items.
    Playing with fabric can be addictive!

  6. Oh Valerie, I don't know what to say! Thank you, thank you so much for the mention and the link love!xoxo


  7. Very nice. Down to the essence and then more so. Love the little bag. Hope you have lots of fun with your book. - Jeanne

  8. What a lovely blog Sweet Tidings is and the little eco-bag is very attractive - love the soft colours:)

  9. How kind and generous of you Valerie to "shine the spotlight" on other blogs.

    I'm impressed with Sweet Tidings' beautiful wrapping of your book.. those little extras carry a lot of weight.

    Headed over there now for a visit....

  10. I have been visiting Sweet Tidings for a while now. What I would call a happy blog! Christy is so lovely, and so talented with it. I have been window shopping on Happy Handmades too, and am sure to make a purchase sooner or later! x

  11. Hello
    Your blog is Gorgeous!
    Just purchsed one of your charming notebooks :o)

  12. Hmmmm thank you for the lovely link to her site xx

  13. Thank you! I love having new places to visit!

  14. Hello and welcome to all my visitors old and new.

    Thank you so much for your purchase Sumea, Your little book is on its way. Hope you like it!