"Narnia" by Andrew Skilleter

I first met Andrew at an exhibition opening called “The Art of Christmas” which was organized by Books Illustrated. Andrew is married to the illustrator Patricia Papps who’s work I have featured previously and as I admire both artist’s we had much to chat about. The two beautiful illustrations featured here are part of his "Narnia" works by C.S.Lewis.

You may know Andrew’s art through his work as a Dr Who illustrator in the eighties. Since then he has produced hundreds of covers for adult, teenage and children's books across numerous genres. His work has also encompassed the illustration of many books, magazines, CDs and Audio, TV and Video and a long creative partnership with the BBC including for the Radio Collection covers for The Chronicles of Narnia, Brother Cadfael, Tolkein, Journey Into Space and with other BBC departments including visual entertainment and exhibitions.

In these days of digital art it is sometimes difficult to appreciate how an illustrator creates images. I have had the pleasure of seeing his original artwork, which is both intricate and detailed. I asked him about the technique he used on his Narnia pieces and he told me that the work is in acrylics on rigid CS10 board and mostly hand brushwork with some airbrush for the background.

Andrew now tells me that he has a brand new website and will be selling his Limited edition Narnia prints directly from his online shop He also has work in a new exhibition where he will be showing his original artwork for the BBC's adaptation of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' at The Salisbury Museum. The exhibition entitled 'The Wonder of Illustration' has been organized by Books Illustrated and features other artists as well as Andrew and it runs from Saturday 4th April until Saturday 4th July 2009. If you live in that part of the world you might like to go along, I am sure you will be astonished at his skill and draughtsmanship.


  1. nice of you to leave a comment on my blog!
    I love you blog too and certaintly
    Narnia, the book was a present for mothersday!
    did you know I have a translate button on my blogs?
    gr. Anna

  2. These are beautiful illustrations - lovely stuff Valerie. Have you looked at the blog of my friend denise burden (see my blog list) - I think you would like her painting.

  3. Lovely post, Acornmoon. I've had a quick look at Andrew's website and will look again when I've more time to explore and enjoy it more fully as it deserves.

  4. Looking at andrew's website just now.thanks for giving a head up on such amazing artists!

  5. Thanks for introducing us to these new folks. (Well, new to some of us. We've seen their work and now we know them, thanks to you.) Good to get away with sons, isn't it?

  6. What a great post. Never seen his work before but it is very good indeed.

  7. I've always thought an illustrator's work was in some ways more difficult than an artists who paints a scene, person, still life or whatever. Seems like illustration requires an extraordinary imagination and creativity.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I really like Andrew's work and am also a big Narnia fan and own all the books. I would love to purchase one of his prints eventually.


  9. They are stunning! I will look at the website.