Ballerina Rose

There are so many flowers in bloom at the moment it's difficult to choose which one to paint. I try to photograph as much as I can for future reference although it's always much nicer to draw from life. This Ballerina rose is a great favorite of mine, please ignore the aphids and blackspot, I hate to spray unless I have to. I cut a small piece of this plant and sat it on my desk, a multitude of creepy crawlies crept out!


  1. canım sıkılmaya başladı benim ya

  2. You are quite talented. Watercolor was never something I could do. I know just what you mean about the creepy crawlies from your garden cuttings. Isn't it amazing how many living things enjoy our flowers without us knowing it!

  3. Whenever I cut flowers to bring indoors, tiny little black bugs crawl out. I take lots of photos from my garden, but no talent for painting. Your watercolour is outstanding. x

  4. What a pretty delicate rose - a great contrast to the Dublin Bay Rose.

    I brought some perenial cornflowers into the house a couple of weeks ago - they were full of little flies or bugs - had to give them a good shake before I put them in a vase:)

  5. That is such a beautiful illustration and would make such a lovely card. The flowers remind me of the wild roses around the country home I grew up on.


  6. How utterly lovely! This is one of my vary favorite roses, and you have made it stunningly beautiful on paper, too.

    Just lovely.