My Herb Garden

Ever since I visited Erasmus Darwin House in Lichfield, I have been trying to grow herbs with varying degrees of success. The herb garden in Lichfield is exquisite, all the better for being enclosed, it reminds me of a secret garden.

My herb garden is tiny, I have mint, parsley, thyme, chives, basil (from the supermarket!) and sage. A campanula has crept in but I allow it to stay as it looks pretty. Chives do very well, they grow next to my Dublin Bay rose and I have just learnt a new saying; "chives next to roses create posies", it seems that they help prevent black spot. I planted sage last year and it survived the winter, it's now in flower, a lovely shade of purple.

Sometimes my garden, albeit very small, seems overwhelming, everything grows so fast and it is a constant battle to keep things in check. I do have one helper however, especially good at digging and that is my Jack Russell, Ted. I am not sure what he was looking for but he certainly enjoyed himself!

The nice thing about growing herbs apart from the fragrance and taste, is that they make very good subjects for my designs.


  1. Your herb garden looks wonderful! So nice to be able to nip out to get some fresh herbs when you're cooking. You dog looks like it's having a fine time in the garden, too.

  2. I want to have an herb garden too. both of my neighbors already finished theirs, now is my turn :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great week.

  3. I love that herb garden at Erasmus Darwin's House - like the house too, I really enjoyed visiting there and Dr Johnson's house.

    Herbs are wonderful to have in the garden, yours look lovely. Ours are in a little raised bed - just chives, thyme, sorrel and rosemary at the moment.

    Like your little dog:)

  4. I love your Jack Russell. Your pictures of the herb gardens are really lovely as well. I can appreciate your comments about keeping up with the growth in the garden as my husband and I are out every weekend trying to weed and prune lately!


  5. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. I have quite a large garden, and yes it is overwhelming at times! I like to grow herbs too, some in pots and some straight in the earth amongst flowers. I have lots of campanula too, it is a great spreader. x

  6. What a lovely blog and such a sweet dog! I`m glad you visited my blog so I can enjoy looking at yours :)


  7. Hello Valerie, thanks for visiting me :) What lovely work you do and a great place this is.. I'm adding you to my links...
    All the best from Scotland

  8. What a lovely accordion fold book you have made!

  9. A herb garden is a 'must' if you have a garden.
    The accordian book is lovely too

  10. oh,what an wonderfull atmosphere,a herbal garden with a little Ted in(just to give the final cute touch!!)!Lovelly!I like a lot your work!