Longest Day

I always feel slightly sad when I find that we have reached the longest day. The long daylight hours make me feel that I can achieve so much more, as I get older this effect on my spirits seems to be stronger. I am sure when I was young I never paid much attention to such matters. 

The painting below shows my passion flower and my neighbour's cat, both now deceased I'm sad to say. I bought the plant at a church sale for ten pence, it was a tiny cutting in a plastic pot. I planted into my garden and it scrambled up the wall in no time at all. For the next two summers it was a delight. I'm not sure where I went wrong but it never made it through the next winter. Maybe I should have taken cuttings and brought them inside? Ah well, you live and learn.


  1. I was given a small passion flower cutting which has grown about a metre or two in height now, but I haven't had a single flower. Not knowing anything about these plants, it is proving to be a great mystery. x

  2. I always intend to take advantage of the light nights by going for evening walks or eating out in the garden but never get round to it, then as the nights draw in I wish I'd done more to experience and appreciate them.

    What a shame you lost your passion flower, the same thing happened to me with a morning glory, yet I have a friend who has one climbing all over her porch - Oh, well :)