September Illuminations of Nature

Here is the September piece from my Illuminations of Nature. If you click on the artwork you will see it in more detail. It was inspired by a piece of poetry by the American poet Danske Dandridge.

The Spirit of the Fall By Danske Dandridge

Come, on thy swaying feet,
Wild Spirit of the Fall!
With wind-blown skirts, loose hair of russet-brown,
Crowned with berries of the bitter-sweet.


  1. What a lovely painting with which to begin a lovely month! As always, your work is delightful. Have a happy September first!

  2. Gorgeous, A lovely way to bring in the fall.

  3. I love the detail in this work and lovely words to accompany it!


  4. Thanks for your kind words. I think we would welcome Autumn with open arms if we felt that we had had a summer. It has been so grey and wet here. The sun has made an appearance today just as the children are going back to school!

  5. Hi - thank you for visiting my blog - and now I've found your lovely blog to add to my Bloglines.

    I love Autumn too - with the hedgerows full of riches.

    Best wishes

  6. What utterly gorgeous colours; I have been studying the detail in a very nerdy way, in total admiration.

  7. Such a beautiful painting--bring on the fall!

  8. Wonderful colours, rich, warm and vibrant - I saw some lovely bright red rosehips in a hedgerow last week right next to some elderberries - they looked gorgeous:)

  9. Do have a very creative September Valerie. You have a wonderful talent. x

  10. Hello what a wonderful array of stunning autumn colour, so beautifully painted, so perfect, isn't this just the best of seasons....till the next one!!
    Hugs Lynn xx

  11. Such a delightful expression of my favourite season.
    Do not despair for your lack of hot, humid summer days; your art has captured the beauty of any season that you hold dear to your heart.