Bright eyes and berries

The illustration below is taken from my Hedgerow Collection. The pattern around the central dormouse square was inspired by fungi.

Ted and I are making the most of the late afternoon daylight hours before the clocks change, it's so much nicer to walk in the sunshine!

The hedgerows are full of berries, I love the way that each shiny berry reflects the light, making the hedges glow.

Throughout my working life I have had to learn to store away reference material, it is inevitable that a Christmas commission has to be completed in mid summer and visa versa. How much more inspiring it would be to be able to paint in sync with the seasons. Now I have my digital camera it is possible to take hundreds of images and if I make a mistake, I can easily delete the image. I don't have to worry about wasting film anymore, so thank you to the brains behind the technology!


  1. Ted looks great in this purle heather haze...
    Youre Hedgerow collection is magnificant.I love the Fungi touch...
    Very soon i will finish my book.Next week Saturday we travel to Spain for two weeks and there in a very quiet place i will write the last words (and this makes me sad in a strange way).But yet also exited because the story will be told in the classroom by two teachers to the children (age 6 to 8) This ,so i can make some last changes if neccecary!
    Its my firts book thats going to be pubished ,and i am already buisy with the next story.:)
    You photographs are also very arty!
    Have a wonderfull weekend .

  2. I adore the fungi inspired pattern - it reminds me of Kaffe Fassett designs. I so looking forward to some autumnal country walks - I getting there, a few steps at a time!


  3. I adore that picture of Ted in the heather! Magical. Just like your hedgerow collection!

  4. What a splendid little chap Ted is - he obviously enjoys his walks. The berries are wonderful aren't they - we walked around Trentham lake today and saw so many berries - hawthorn, elder,rowan, juniper and black berries - all wonderful inspirtations, I'm sure, for your work. The illustration is lovely.

  5. Dear Dutchess,

    I am sending you all my good wishes for your book, how exciting for you, I hope you let us all know what it is about soon. It's a very good idea to read your story to children, they are the very best critics.

    Celia, I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the season especially now we seem to be having a bit of sun.

    Pamela and Rosie, Thanks for your kind words, Trentham is lovely isn't it?

  6. Charming illustration. His eyes are like two bright berries! Yes, the fungi inspired pattern is wonderful.

    This little Ted is just too handsome!! Lovely berry pix.

  7. Lovely berry photos ! So magical. The little dog is super cute too. :)

  8. Hello

    Where I live, hawthorn berries are especially startling at present - which is odd because, when the blossoms were out earlier in the year, we remarked how few there were.

    Lucy Corrander

    P.S. I came here via Purple Podded Peas as part of a blog-hop.

  9. Your hedgerow pictures are beautiful.

  10. Valerie, I love that illustration and can't wait to see more. Yes cheers to the digital camera it is a cost saver and a great editor. I have to admit that I still have a 4x 5 and a 35mm and use them! There is something about not knowing exactly what is going to come, the expectation, like holding an unopened letter in your hand.

  11. The little mousie amongst the fungi is so sweet.I'm sure they must be inspired by your love of Nature and devotion to critters.
    I think Ted already knows that too!

  12. Hello acornmoon - just came across your blog. Just to say I love your dog and I love your photos. I live in the country and am mad about anything to do with natural history - shall visit you again.

  13. Hi Lucy and weaver of grass, you are more than welcome, nice to see you, I hope you return.

    Stephen, I know what you mean about your 4x5, we bought a Nixon 35mm years ago, it cost an arm and a leg, sadly, it is virtually worthless now. For the less serious "snapper" like me, I am amazed at the resolution capable of fairly inexpensive digital cameras, what's more, they are so lightweight. I am a new convert!

    Thanks Willow, Christy, Kayla Coo and Miss Maddie, I hope I have not left anyone out. It's so nice that you visit and leave your comments, thank you, I appreciate it and so does Ted.

  14. What magical Autumnal pictures. Colour and light and all things nice. I especially love that perky wee chap of yours. He's exactly the sort of dog I may be persuaded by my persistent daughter to get!

    And another beautiful illustration. Hedgerows and woodland creatures, my favourite.

  15. I so enjoyed this post - your photos and digital pieces are lovely.
    Thanks for sharing !

  16. I totally agree with you about the camera! I am also a digital camera convert. 'Keep the best, delete the rest'!
    I love your mouse and the jewelled hedgerows.
    Oh and of course your cute little dog :)

  17. Great stuff Valerie... I have always loved hedgerowy things and that aspect of your work is wonderful...
    Isn't autumn nice :)

  18. Hi,
    I have just given you an award on my blog.x

  19. I was looking at the first picture before I read your post and thinking to myself "gee, that looks like fungi!" It looks fabulous! And the little mouse is so cute.
    I haven't noticed any berries yet--I'll have to start investigating! I guess it's that time of year. Lovely photos!

  20. Wow, you make such beautiful things. I'll be back!