Catch a falling star

The inspiration behind this illustration from "Down the Lane" was the sighting of a "shooting star" which zipped across the night sky in November.

When I was a child I was very captivated by the lyrics of the Perry Como song “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket”
I grew up in a fairly built up area with yellow street lights and so had to wait several years before I first saw a shooting star, which I since learned are not stars at all but meteors.

If you were lucky enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere and had a cloud free view of the November sky recently, maybe you caught sight of the annual Taurids meteor shower which occurs in the region of Taurus?

I think it is a great pity that we have so much light pollution in our towns; most city children are unaware of the night sky. There are few things more inspiring and challenging than contemplating the universe.


  1. I'm also captivated by shooting stars and seem to be lucky, as I see them quite regularly.

    Walking up our garden path just this Tuesday evening with my children, it was a beautiful clear night.We were all in pre Christmas spirit, deciding we would make Dad a stocking this year. My son commented on how beautiful the moonlight was and we all stopped to look at a captivating full moon. As we did a shooting star darted across the sky, right before our eyes.
    No money can buy such a simple magical moment.

  2. That would make a great story.."The girl who caught a star and kept it in her pocket",maybe you should write and illustrate it!
    This picture is magical..

  3. I to saw a shooting star this last week.I think it was Monday night.DH and I were driving to Oklahoma when I saw it.I always feel so lucky when I see one.

  4. That is lovely post and a true observation about the affects of our world on our mental states, if we take the time to look and listen.

    I have noticed the owl is resuming popularity as a theme in decor lately. As proves the statement, "If you live long enough, you will see everything twice." Owls were so popular in the 70's and I think they will be repopulating the pages of magazines in the coming seasons.

  5. I love owls and this is a beautiful,set against the stars.
    When I was a child I remember holidays in cornwall and being captivated by the night sky,so many stars.

  6. What a lovely owl! I love your illustrations , there's so much detail to discover.
    Oh yes, I can remember my Dad whistling 'Catch a falling star'!

  7. I'm with Annette - lovely illustration and I can remember my parents singing this lovely song.

  8. What a magnificent owl! My favourite.

    We are blessed to have a beautiful nightsky just outside our door. It's been so chilly lately we've been concentrating on staying indoors and warm and missed out on shooting stars. However we did have a moonlit lantern walk in the woods on Tuesday which was a rare and wonderful treat!

  9. I so love this illustration! Just beautiful! We have lots of owls around our house, and I just love hearing them at night. You've captured this one perfectly.

    I used to sing that Perry Como song when I was a tiny little girl. My parents would trot me out at dinner parties to do it! We adored Perry at our house!

  10. I love this little guy...I've been thinking about embroidering an owl for some time now....maybe I will sooner than later.
    And you can never see enough stars, shooting or otherwise.
    Have a wonderful weekend and continue to help us have good thoughts about life....it's important.
    Thanks, again for being who you are.

  11. Karen, you must live in a rural area I guess, we don't see many stars here but like you have noticed beautiful "moonscapes". I bet you make the best Christmas stockings!

    Dutchess, the truth is I am not the best illustrator of children and my work is not what picture book editors are looking for, sigh!

    Ciara, I know the Wicklow mountains and can picture how enchanting your torchlight walk must have been. We saw what seemed like millions of stars when we visited Ireland.

    thanks to all my visitors, it seems that we all love owls and shooting stars, as always your comments are so encouraging and now you all know how old I must be to know Perry Como songs.

    I can picture a young Pamela singing to an adoring public!

  12. Dreamy and magical! That reminds me to go stargazing once in a while!

  13. Oh, I love the owl. When I was a child we lived in a small village with very few street lights so we could see the stars on a clear, crisp night - the occasional barn owl too. I used to watch both 'Perrys' on TV with my Mum and Dad Perry Mason - who always won his case - and Perry Como. I like Catch a Falling Star but my favourite was Magic Moments:)

  14. Such a beautiful illustration! I agree that we have far too many lights...guess they're needed for security today. I grew up in the country. No street lights. No pole lights in yards...when night fell~ it was pitch black. On the nights with a clear sky and full moon we would go for walks & listen to the critters...because it "appeared" city-lit! Such fond memories~ yes, falling stars were all around me!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art...

  15. ...save it for a rainy day. I love this song and now it will be in my head all day. Sigh. Thank you! :^)

  16. Love the song! What a great illustration. I'm always on the look out for shooting stars. I just love to watch stars.

  17. what a beautiful illo!!You ''captured''a star and a sense of eternity in your composition!!The wise owl,the deep blue sky:
    are magical!!

  18. I really love you owl and star illustration! Beautiful work, as always.

    I grew up in the country, and spent long summer evenings lying on my back in my uncle's hayfield, watching the stars. I still remember the smell of clover, and the thrill of seeing the occasional shooting star zooming across the sky.

  19. Such an enchanting illustration! Looks magical. I grew up in the city but now live out in the country - way out in the country! Last week when the hubby left to go to work at 5:30 a.m. as I waved goodbye at the door, just above the barn across the road was a gorgeous Harvest Moon.... it was low in the sky, was huge and had that orangey color you see in Fall. Looked like a children's storybook.. or like one of your paintings!

  20. Beautiful!

    I remember visiting a friend in the country and pulling the car over to gaze at the sea of stars, it is a truly different view than I had in the city!

  21. Irrespective of what you are posting, it is always a great joy to come on to your blog. I have done so now primarily to say that I have finally taken up the challenge of your tag - did you think I never would? It is scheduled to appear on my blog tomorrow (Thursday), but Ihave chosen the next seven and tagged them. Sorry for the delay. Keep up the good work.

  22. I found your blog through Hermes and just wanted to say I could not agree with you more about :

    "... it is a great pity that we have so much light pollution in our towns; most city children are unaware of the night sky."

    Your work is lovely!