First ever blog giveaway!!!

I have been thinking about doing a blog giveaway for some time but for one reason or another have never actually got around to it until now. I have been contacted by CSN Rugs who asked if my readers would like a free rug to which I replied, “Yes please”, never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth! Now the only thing that you need to enter this free blog giveaway is an address in the USA or Canada, that is because the company only ships to these countries and the rug will go directly from them to the lucky winner.

I got to choose the prize rug, which was great fun, and reminiscent of a game I used to play as a child. We called it “bagsy” but my husband called it “jigsy”; the rules were simple, you looked through a catalogue, page by page and if an item caught your eye you had to claim it by shouting out “bagsy” and then you had to place your hand on the picture. There were no actual prizes but it kept us amused for hours! Now this time the prize is real, except I don’t get to keep it, I just get the pleasure of choosing it and hoping that the lucky winner likes it too.

So, what did I choose? Well, it was hard to pick just one of the many rugs on the CSN website but I eventually settled for a lovely braided rug that I am sure will appeal to all you quilting fans. It is a Lynette Jensen’s Thimbleberries Sea Glass “Four Seasons” braided rug by Colonial Mills. It measures 27 inches by 46 inches and has an oval shape. I think its warm, rich colours would fit comfortably into most homes; I hope you agree.

All you have to do is have an address in the USA or Canada (sorry to everyone who lives elsewhere, I will do another giveaway soon which everyone can enter). Just leave me a comment and I will be back soon to pick a winner at random, so come on, don’t be shy, help to make my first giveaway a big success.