Can you spot the scarecrow?

Last week was so very cold; anyone living here in Britain will not need reminding of how exceptionally cold it has been. We have been staying warm by the fireside, reading our Christmas present books and attempting to finish my jigsaw puzzle.

How very clever of my husband to know how much I wanted a book about Edward Bawden, maybe he overheard the conversation I had whilst in this bookshop? The fact that I spoke through a megaphone is neither here nor there.

How very clever of me to buy him these two books by Susan Hill, an author we both admire. As my Irish mother-in-law would have said, a clear case of “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own”.

This is the first wooden jigsaw puzzle of its kind that I have ever attempted. You would think that I would have an advantage having actually painted the picture myself, wouldn’t you? Who better than I to know where the veining on the leaves go? Not a bit of it, I was hopeless, so much for my tried and trusted methods of finding the corner pieces first, this puzzle does not have conventional corner pieces, or straight edges come to that and as for those whimsy shapes, well… it was all too much for my humble brain. I am assured however that for most serious doers of jigsaw puzzles this one is easy peasy.

Can you spot the scarecrow?