Listen to this for free!

With a great deal of nervous trepidation I would like to invite to you a preview of “The Bird with the Rainbow Tail” which I have mentioned before on my blog here.

If you follow the link you can see how the application works, it is rather difficult to explain but easy to understand when you see the demonstration. All you need to do is click the arrow and sit back and watch.You can also download the MP3 for free and hear the story from start to finish by following the link in the sidebar on the website.

My husband Tony has written the book with me and has narrated it also. James our son has recorded it and added sound and has composed the music so you see this is a true labour of love. It has taken over four months to illustrate and has been a great adventure, a voyage of discovery into uncharted waters. We have had so much fun doing the recording and testing, with many technical obstacles to overcome and new things to learn, I am almost sad not to be working on it still.

Apple is now testing the application and we have all our fingers and toes, wings and paws crossed that everything will work out as planned. If all is well it should be available in the next week or so. We really hope you will like it!

There is also a little bit about Tony and me here.


  1. you 2 are adorable together...enjoyed reading about you both

    i am off to see this CHARMING book...

    i can't wait...your illustrations are so wonderful...you are a talented family...for sure

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. Good golly this is wonderful!
    Followed you here From Willow's Blog
    For certain I will share this with my daughter and daughter in law..for the grandchildren
    I love your artwork
    the strokes are so fine
    sort of remind me Of Franklin Booth's drawings
    great talents shared with the world..good for you and yes,
    blessings to you all

  3. Excellent stuff Valerie - do hope all goes according to plan.

  4. I saw this mentioned on Facebook and went staright to have a look and a listen. It's terrific. Great job, all of you!

  5. How VERY charming!!! WOW! What a talented family you have.

  6. Absolutely loved it Valerie. The artwork is delicious and hubby's voice is just right for reading the story. Very impressed indeed. Congrats to you all and good luck with it from here.

  7. oh this is fabulous Valerie... it is just so wonderful.. everything about it.. Congratulations!!! what a talented family!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful, I want to see and hear the whole thing now. (and I'm going back to the page in a minute to figure out how, not having an mp3 player yet).
    What a happy meeting of talents, in word, music and art.

  9. A great collaboration... music, narration/story/illustrations all wonderful as far as I saw on the short snip. Congratulations!! A lovely thing to come home to after a VERY hot day drawing outside at a botanical garden with my students... thanks!

  10. Valerie, Its wonderful! Wishing you all the best on this new adventure.

  11. I've really enjoyed that, Valerie - it's just wonderful and delightful. Congratulations to all three of you! I wish you every success with it:)

  12. What a lovely story, illustrations and idea,lovely music and the willingness to try. Excellent, good luck with this new concept. Cheers Lori

  13. Hi Valerie, I linked to you in my latest post. If you want the award please take it but I'm not really into passing on awards. I'd rather just tell people to visit you. I'm going back now to listen to your story. Carol

  14. Just followed the link and listened to the little story. I can imagine how excited you are over this new venture, especially as it is a real family affair. Congratulations.

  15. Congratulations on this wonderful family project.
    I keep my fingers crossed that Apple will accept the application!

  16. I loved it! The images, music and narration all blend perfectly and I really like it in your husband's northen accent!
    Congratulations to all three of you, a collaboration to be proud of... Hope it goes really well!

  17. Oh, what a treat! Your hubby has a wonderful voice. I wish he would read my stories for me! Anyway, what a fun experience you must have had with this, I bet you will want to do it again. Best of success with this new book medium. Jeri

  18. Valerie - this is so wonderful! I want to hear and see the whole thing! What a grand project this is. You, your son and your husband are all to be congratulated. Your art, your son's music and your husband's voice all blended together to create a wonderful story.

  19. Oh, this is amazing!!! I am blown away. So charming and so inventive. Well, well done - all of you!

    I simply have to get an iPhone now!

    Oh, and your husband's voice is just divine. The perfect storyteller's voice.

  20. I'll pick a quiet moment to listen to your story. I have read the summary on you and your husband. I really do admire both your talents. We're fans of Morrissey! x

  21. Hello Valerie, Congratulation on the bird with the Rainbow tail book. Lovely story and illustrations. Hugs Judy

  22. Congratulations Val, Tony and James
    on this marvellous achievement!

    Tony's voice and Jame's music are so bewitching and add such a fabulous extra dimension to your lovely drawings Val - fantastic! I too want to hear the rest of the story and will try and get my head around how this all works.
    I'm sure you will enjoy great success. Congratulations,