Giveaway and work in progress.

We are delighted to announce that Apple have relaxed their controls on promotional codes, (until now these have only been available to customers in the USA). This means that I can offer six free copies or “promo codes” to anyone wishing to own our new app “The Bird with the Rainbow Tail” This will work on any iPod/iPad or iPhone. If you would like to share this E-book with your children this Christmas all you have to do is leave a comment and indicate which code you need e.g. iPad or iPhone and I will pick six at random. I will then need your email address in order to forward the code, which is valid for thirty days. This means that you have thirty days to download the app from your computer to your iPad/iPhone. I know this sounds complicated but I assure you it is quite simple so I hope you will throw your name into the hat. I will pick the winners on Sunday 19th so hurry! If you don't own any of the above you can gift it to someone who does.

Life continues to be problematic although the snow has now left us; we have had amazingly clear and sunny frost filled days, which have transformed the landscape into a Narnia world although as I write today is grey and dull with the promise of more snow.

I am very behind this year on all fronts, work, Christmas preparations, and blogging, barely able to keep my head above water or so it seems. I have been painting, painting and painting, so much so that my fingers are stiff and aching but feel now that I am getting towards the end of the “Owl and the Pussycat” poster for Long Barn Books mentioned earlier. There is just a little more work to do on the borders and I think it will be done.


  1. valerie the poster is incredible! it must be hard for you to see it after spending so much time with it but it truly is beautiful!!! i don't own an ipad or iphone but i'll tell you what - one day i will crack the pages on a copy of this book and wonder at your talent!! steven

  2. Love the rainbow feathered bird and your book cover looks fabulous!
    Great leaf shot....nor do I own any of said apparatuses...I just wanted to comment on your inspiring work.

  3. Valerie it is absolutely magical!!!! What a treasure.

  4. I love your work, my mom owns an Ipad, if I win, it would be a present for her!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Gorgeous and so magical! I dont have an i-pad or phone either..but whoever wins will be suprer-lucky! Such beauty and enchantment ...and your work is inspiring!

  6. Sadly all this modern technology leaves me way behind Valeria - but as you know I find all you illustrations a delight and so envy you your immense talent.,

  7. Wish I had an iphone! Love the poster.

  8. That's so wonderful...would love one for the iPhone!

    Your poster for "The Owl and the Pussycat" is so beautiful and magical!

  9. It is a beautiful book cover. Love the frosty oak leaves too.
    I have an ipod so please include me.
    I am sure Christmas will sort itself out, I am always last minute!

  10. Poster great. Bird with tail lovely. Don't put me in your hat!


    P.S. Thanks for being a follower of Pictures Just Pictures. I can't remember whether I let you know that I've moved from there to Message in a Milk Bottle (because I ran out of photo storage space). There's a new look but the same intention - a photo a day.

  11. I love my Bird story which I downloaded already onto my iPhone! I can't wait to hear how one can purchase a print of the poster you're working on!

  12. Your work as ever so beautiful. I don't have either of the i-thingies, but am a great admirer of Long Barn Books which are not so very far away from here.

  13. your poster is just beautiful! Your work is always so rich and detailed. I look forward to seeing it somewhere in print!


  14. Hi Valerie, time well spent on the beautiful Owl and Pussycat poster - it really looks terrific, well done. x

  15. Beautiful illustrations Valerie...no ipad or iphone here...just appreciate your style!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  16. Valerie, I also want to send huge compliments to you on that exquisite poster painting! Wow.

    I am another of your readers who does not own i-pad, pod, etc. However, I do envy those who will have the opportunity that those gizmos will give to enjoy your talent.

    Like Milly, I really love the photo of the frosty leaves.


  17. Wonderful poster.Hope you can ease off a bit soon.

  18. This is such a wonderful prize, Valerie!
    Yes, yes, add me to your list!

    The frosty oak leaves photo was a delight.

  19. Your artwork is truly beautiful and readers, particularly children, will be enthralled. Always a treat to see your creative work and perspectives.

  20. LOVE your poster!!! Your work makes me smile~ it's so beautiful :)

    I know our daughter would adore your sweet, sweet book! Our teens have the tech devices~ but I know they would share with me!!!
    Thank you for offering such a perfect giveaway!

    I am trying to catch up... seems I join you in being a bit behind this season~
    Wishing you every joy this beautiful season shares...

  21. The poster is Beautiful beyond belief! I knew it would be.
    I haven't any of those i- thingamajiggys, so I can't enter your giveaway, just wanted to comment on the fabulous artwork.

  22. Beautiful.... I'm in line with Steven - look forward to seeing the book someday!

  23. Your poster is beautiful - so many of my favorite elements! Quilting, knotwork, the sun & the moon, leaves, creatures - fantastic!
    My son had been saving up his birthday,Christmas & chore money and just bought his own ipad - he would love this story. I am new to your blog, and so glad I found it. Thank you for sharing!