Good Luck!

What brings you good luck? Is it black cats, or leprechauns, lucky heather, chimney sweeps, four leaf clovers perhaps?

I believe that there is truth in the old saying “Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer”.

And so to the winner of my Novica Give away, I gave all entrants a number and put them into a random number generator and came up with number two, tra la …… Frances Tyrell!

And for those dear friends who entered and were not so lucky, may I leave you with this lovely Irish Blessing-

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”


  1. I believe that good things happen when we put some good out into the world ourselves, when we do some good or some kindness to others. I've had this happen to me recently, since starting to do voluntary work, I've had a couple of bits of good luck happen to me, so I believe we get back what we give out. Love your good luck card. Congratulations Frances - hope you enjoy your prize.

  2. Love the irish blessing.

    I won 100 dollars for the Novica site - there are some lovely things on it aren't there?

    Have a nice easter.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner! :-)

    Valerie, Happy Easter and blue skies to you,

  4. Congratulations to Frances!

    Luck? Maybe it's in how we perceive things? Sometimes not getting what we want can be luckier in the long run. It's hard for me to train myself to think that way. :-)

    Hugs, Diane

  5. Beautiful illustration, Valerie. I always linger over your art... it's a pleasant pause in my day.

  6. I am honored to be able to celebrate wonderful coming of spring with you.
    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

    Have a good weekend...

    From Japan, ruma

  7. I think my good luck must be in having discovered blogdom and especially Acornmoon.
    Tis is a real treat. There are many talented craftsfolk and artists on Novica and alot of beautiful items to choose from.
    Thanks so much,
    and Happy Easter,