And the winner is .....

We have a winner, the first name to be drawn out of the virtual hat, or random number generator if you prefer is ……. Rosie !

Thanks to all who entered in the giveaway and left such kind comments, I read each one with a happy heart and gratitude.

And now, back to work, I have a lovely newly stretched piece of paper on my drawing board but my mind is elsewhere. I left my inspiration somewhere in William Wordsworth country and forgot to pack it in my suitcase. I read this inspirational quote recently, which has been attributed to the poet “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”, despite searching I cannot trace it to any of his writings, do you know?

The lovely kitchen photograph was taken at Wordsworth House in Cockermouth, I did think of attributing it to my own larder but you would not fall for that now would you?


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  2. Could have fooled me.... (the larder) Looks like a beautiful place, both the larder and the outside.

    I'm searching for where I left my inspiration, too... if you find yours, will you send mine along?

  3. Glad you had a lovely restful time away - we only live an hour from the Lakes but relaly the countryside is so very different.

  4. Oh, how wonderful - I'm thrilled thank you so much. I've been to Cockermouth but not to Wordsworth's House it looks lovely. The quote is very inspiring:)

  5. Such a beautiful part of the world, isn't it? No wonder his poetry was so exquisite.

    Funny, you and Rosie seem to go together in my mind. I'm happy she won!!

  6. The Lakes have inspired so many artists, poets and authors,perhaps you just need a little more time there, a week or two maybe,with your sketchbook of course.

  7. The second photo is magical, but the first one is a greater delight in some ways.
    I gather that people want to see the kitchens of great houses rather than the grander bits!
    I quite agree.

  8. That is a wonderful quote, and something I, too, must do this day. Although the garden beckons me, I must resist. I will apply those words as I work. Jeri

    Lucky Rosie!

  9. I have never heard that quote but ove it and might have to make a sampler using it for my workroom wall. Thankyou for sharing it with us.