"A Time to Dance"

The wedding I mentioned in my last post took place on a beautifully sunny day, thankfully the bride and groom where blessed with golden light as they took their wedding vows. The bride made her own bouquets and corsages out of buttons, silks, ribbons and beads, choosing purple and ivory as the theme. I shed a tear or two as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father who was also the best man at our wedding. We all asked ourselves where those years had gone and how quickly!
The ceremony took place in a wonderful old Tudor Hall and afterwards the guests could wander through rose gardens and mazes and enjoy a perfectly heavenly day followed by feasting and festivities in the evening.
There was much excitement as the post man arrived with a huge parcel addressed to Ted, in case you don’t already know, Ted is our dog. We had agreed to take part in a trial of his favourite treat, how could we say no? Time will tell whether or not they make a difference to his health, he has always been a healthy, energetic dog despite having just celebrated his 12th birthday, but he is certainly enjoying wolfing back the goodies and his coat does look very shiny and his eyes sparkle.
Grandson George came to stay and we enjoying playing in the garden and doing “plantin” which is his word for gardening. He likes nothing better than watering the plants with a little watering can. We sat still and waited for the birds to take turns, drinking and bathing in the shallow bird bath. Simple pleasures but precious ones.
I had two lovely parcels in the post, one from Celeste Goulding containing an exquisitely wrapped necklace and one from LilyMoon filled with decorated badges and post cards. Both of these ladies have Etsy shops, Celeste can be found here and LilyMoon here
I also made some progress on a new painting but had to put it to one side in order to create new Christmas designs for a presentation. Just as the sun decides to make an appearance I am obliged to paint holly and robins. Such is life!


  1. It feels so good to hear all these good news from your corner of the world!

  2. What a wonderful sounding wedding.
    And how lovely to be blessed with sun for the day. We too love gardening with our grandson, but his parents are hopeless about keeping up the watering when we are not there......
    Super painting and how dull to have to think of Christmas in August -- but I suppose that is how the business cycle goes.
    Greetings from a much too hot and humid New York.

  3. Ah, such a lovely wedding.
    I'm working on Christmas too, by the way! We will both be so very calm in December.

  4. I love the corsages made of buttons! What a wonderful day you must have had with you r grandson. Teaching children the joy of 'plantin' is a great gift. by the way, so far so great on the painting.

  5. I love the corsages made of buttons! What a wonderful day you must have had with you r grandson. Teaching children the joy of 'plantin' is a great gift. by the way, so far so great on the painting.

  6. Hello from a very hot and humid NYC. It is refreshing to read your post, see the creativity in the wedding flowers, imagine the fun you've been having with that adorable grandson, see how Ted is enjoying his parcel's contents, and ... best of all, to see that painting, even if it's been interrupted.

    Now I am trying to imagine how you do sort of imagine Christmas in August, without a trip to the southern hemisphere's August winter!


  7. I love the brides bouquet, how clever.
    Lucky lil Ted, to receive parcels filled with goodies.
    What a shame to put aside your lovely painting and have to think about Christmas... that is the last thing I want to think about right now.

  8. How wonderful to have a sunny day for the wedding in all this awful weather we are having, as I type this comment it is absolutely pouring down. Like you when we go to events like weddings and see the younger family members all grown up I wonder where all those years have gone. Lucky Ted, too:)

  9. Oh, how lovely to be included in a post with LilyMoon, Ted AND your plantin' grandson! :) I've known Maya from LilyMoon for many years, she is a beautiful soul :)
    Your book binding seems to be coming along nicely! They're looking good! :)

  10. The painting looks really lovely, and what fun that Ted got a package!

  11. What a lovely wedding and so lucky with the weather.
    Lovely to see all your projects, sewing, book making and your beautiful painting. And George looks so grown up, I am sure you had a happy few days with him and lots of fun and laughter. Hope you are enjoying some more sunny days.

  12. What a nice post about our wedding! We were very lucky with the weather. The bouquet is in a vase on our dining table, I love that we will be able to keep it forever! (And have to say that my mum made most of it, as much as I'd like to take all the credit!).