We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my calendar giveaway; a name has been picked out of my hat, ---- drum roll----- and the winner is Kerry O’Gorman.
In my last post I mentioned our trip to London where we visited The British Museum and just managed to catch the Shakespeare exhibition. As that has now closed I will move on to our visit to The British Library where we saw an exhibition called “Mughal India, Art, Culture and Empire
The library itself is based next to St Pancras station; both buildings are worth visiting and could not be more different. The photograph shows the station in the background and the library in front. The new library building reminded me of a Japanese temple. It has simple, modern lines but has a great beauty, not in its ornamentation but in its proportions and in the choice of materials. I love being exploring this wonderful space and if you are anywhere near you should take a moment to go inside. There is always something to see for free, there are places to sit, eat and rest and of course a lovely shop!
The main exhibitions are ticketed, having said that they are not overly expensive and the ones we have seen have been unforgettable. I can honestly say that the current Mughal India exhibition is truly spectacular. There are so many treasures on show the effect is dazzling. I was particularly interested in the exquisite miniature paintings and illuminated books. The artistry on display was amazing, the tiniest of brushstrokes, the brightest of colours, pattern everywhere, on the clothing of the figures in the book illustrations, on the carpets they sat upon and in the borders around the pictures, so much detail it hurt the eyes. If I had to choose one piece it would be a painting of squirrels being chased up a plane tree, you can explore this for yourself here by following the link. As you zoom in over the image bear in mind that this painting is a really small, so much detail has been packed into a tiny area, painted by Abu’l Hasan, 1605-08.
And now, it is time for me to get back to my desk, I have more hand made, limited edition books to parcel up for my Etsy shop. This time I remembered to make a note of the edition numbers outside the boxes, before the final wrap. We live and learn!


  1. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for the link to the wondrous world of Abu’l Hasan! Amazing how he managed to harness those fragile natural colours to last four hundred years so far.


  2. Sounds a fascinating trip!
    I have never been to the London Library and would love to go.

  3. Congratulations to the fortunate winner!

    The miniatures in that exhibit must be fabulous. Of course, over the years, I have seem many such gems at our own Metropolitan Museum, and can never quite believe that they were created by human beings. The technique is truly remarkable, the results are magical and don't betray any of the effort required in their creation.

    I like the looks of your neatly wrapped creations, too! xo

  4. Lucky me!!! I already have a few of your peices and now I get to see a different one each month of the year! Thankyou!
    That squirrel painting is so incredible...so unlike anything Indian I would have imagined. The colour and detail reminds me of your work. There are threads of your subjects and colours coming through. Someday I'll visit this beautiful place.
    Cheers Valerie!

  5. How beautiful is that painting, so detailed, and I love the pattern like quality of the leaves. Your work does have some similarities.Thanks for showing us, I don't know when I'll get chance to see such lovely exhibitions? Congrats to the winner of the comp.

  6. (Not me then, sob!) Many Congratulations Kerry! Exhibit looks fabulous.

  7. I feel really silly having never been inside that building x

  8. Contrats to the winner. Such a win.

  9. Fortunate winner - your calendar will be a year-round delight.
    I had a closer look at the squirrel painting too - incredibly observant and beautiful. And isn't there a sense too, of connecting with the artist, that he could show us his world despite that great gulf of time.

  10. Lucky winner!

    Sounds like there are some wonderful exhibits going on in London. Wish I could see them (sigh).