And the winner is....

The time has come to pick a winner for my blog giveaway. All the names have been put into Miss Mouse's Easter Bonnet and the first name out of the hat is Charisse, who incidentally was the first person to enter the draw. Well done Charisse! In case you don't know this very talented lady you might like to visit her blog The Faerie Patch

It was so nice to read all your kind comments from friends old and new, so thank you each and every one xxx.

In case you are wondering, the illustration above was one I created many years ago as a greeting card for Camden Graphics Ltd.


  1. Congratulations, Charisse! What a lovely gift to win.

  2. Hi Valerie! I can't thank you enough! I got lucky with Miss Mouse's Easter Bonnet :)

    @Hi Carol, thank you!


  3. Congratulations to the winner!
    I love this art!!

  4. Guess I don't check often enough.....
    I have always loved that little lamb of yours.
    BIG congratulations to Charisse!

    ..... and love to you, Val!