Christmas Books Giveaway.

Annie Cholewa from Knitsofacto is running a Christmas book giveaway and if you are quick you can enter.

On offer is a signed copy of "Can it be True?" and also a retelling of The Snow Queen by Sarah Lowes illustrated by Miss Clara.

The giveaway is open until the 24th October and Annie would like you to share some of your Christmas thoughts with her.

Annie is a talented photographer and has managed to capture the gold foil on the book jacket so beautifully.

And now, if you will excuse this very hurried post, I must dash, I have books to deliver.


  1. I keep thinking of your hare in the gallery and wonder how he is doing. Are there prizes - or is it enough just to get chosen for exhibition.

  2. For me, it was enough to have my work accepted.

  3. I somehow missed your last post ... congratulations! And entirely deserved, your work is exquisite.

    You are too kind re. my photography. The talent is all yours ... it is an honour to have such a beautiful book to giveaway :)

  4. Hurray! Visited Annie's blog and left a comment. Congratulations on all your fine work, Valerie! Let me know if you want to do another give-away on Good Books. Love that the book is "stocking size"! :)


  5. Belated congratulations on having your beautiful miniatures - quite deservedly!- accepted for exhibition. About time and quite the honour.
    Ah yes, the brilliant Miss Clara, what a dream world she creates!

  6. Hi Valerie, I just read of the honor you have earned with acceptance to the Miniature Gallery.They were very wise to include your glorious work; you deserve any accolades that come your way, BRAVO!