July "Illuminations of Nature".

Click on the artwork to view.Pluck the fruit and taste the pleasure,
Youthful lordings, of delight;
Whilst occasion gives you seizure,
Feed your fancies and your sight:
After death, when you are gone,
Joy and pleasure is there none.

Thomas Lodge.

This is one of a series of twelve decorative watercolour panels from my collection called "Illuminations of Nature" originally created as a wall calendar. Inspired by poetry, illuminated manuscripts and botanical illustration.

I am not sure I agree altogether with the sentiments expressed by this Elizabethan poet. It reminds me of  "To his coy mistress" by Andrew Marvell , I imagine they were written to lead young ladies astray! 


  1. This is so sweet - I love it!

  2. What a beautiful design!


  3. This is such a pretty design and the strawberries and pansies go well together. I agree with you about the poem although in one way the sentiments are true in that we should enjoy what we have whilst we have it - I guess you are right about the real reason behind the poet's intentions:) It also reminds me of the Robert Herrick poem which starts 'gather ye rosebuds while ye may'.

  4. I've been seeing your name on various blogs I visit, and finally decided to pop in and say hello. I LOVE what I see here and will definitely be back!

  5. This is so pretty. Your hand lettering is nice too. With the computer age, you rarely see hand lettering these days. It is a nice touch!

  6. This is lovely Valerie :)

  7. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. This illustration is lovely--it reminds me of the nature books I used to read as a child.

  8. Lovely work--and I think you are right about young ladies being lead astray!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog. What a lovely picture!
    I adore strawberries!:)
    I shall definitely be back to visit again!

  10. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments, it always brightens my day.