Free Bookplates.

If you have children, or perhaps you enjoy collecting children's books, you may be interested to know that there is a website where you can find specially designed bookplates which you can download for free for non commercial purposes. This may be a good idea for a rainy summer's day during the school holidays.

The site was started by Ann Fine who was the Children's Laureate 2001 to 2003. Anne has invited a whole host of illustrators to donate their work to encourage children to start collecting books. It is called "My Home Library" and features the work of many and varied illustrators such as Jane Ray, Nicola Bayley etc. There are bookplates of all sizes to suit all tastes, I am sure your children will find something to keep themselves amused and busy. 

I have donated two designs, one featuring an owl and one a frog. The frog design looks nice printed on a coloured ground and was designed with giving in mind. Many schools have libraries which invite parents and well wishers to donate books and this bookplate would fit such a book. Do have a look at the site, it is great fun and unique.


  1. HiValerie! Thank you so much for your bookplate freebies! They mean a lot. I'm delighted to have your art bookplates on my books!

    I also have to add your sweet owl freebie to my owl freebie list !

  2. What an excellent idea. I like your owl bookmark and there are so many to chose from - I've passed the link to my sister so that she can show her grand children who need things to do in this awful weather:)

  3. Oh how nice to share this bookplate sight with us. I just love putting bookplates in my own library.

    I like your profile photo. It's nice to put a friendly face with your name.

    have a wonderful day!

  4. Thank you for sharing this site with us. My sons will enjoy putting these into their books - especially the dear owl!


  5. These are just perfect - I am going to be buying more ink and paper for my printer this weekend I think :o)