Postcards from France

Mountains and blue skies at the end of the valley close to where we stayed in the Alps made a perfect setting for a picnic.

The botanical garden at Samoens in The Grande Massif region was one of the places we visited. This is a most wonderful, heavenly garden which climbs up the mountainside, natural waterfalls and leafy glades make a spectacular setting for this collection of alpine plants. If I could have wrapped it up and brought it home I would have done so! Everywhere you look you can see spectacular scenery which made the climb to the top well worth the effort. 

We have reluctantly returned home to a very grey and autumnal England after spending some time in sunny France. I will not bore you with my 180 holiday snaps but here are just a few! This rather lovely flower display is in Nuits St Georges - home to wine of the same name. Of course it would have been rather rude not to have sampled a glass or two, very nice it was too!