Christmas Teddies

It has always seemed inappropriate until now to post a very Christmassy image, however, being mindful of the time needed to plan and sew a Christmas project, here is my Christmas Teddies Collection for Makower UK. The fabrics have been available since January, it seems that it is never too early to start sewing those Christmas projects. I have to confess that the very idea of Christmas preparations induces mild panic, I am always so slow when it comes to putting up decorations and wrapping presents!

                                             Please click on the image to see more clearly.

I had great fun in designing this collection and enjoyed mixing up no less than eighteen pots of gouache including gold. This does not show up too well on screen but when you see the actual fabric it does add a very rich luster and I think adds an extra "Christmassy" glitz.  

Now you may wonder why I am not showing you examples of my home sewn creations using these fabrics? Well, I do have plans but alas time is whizzing by at an alarming rate. I am reminded of the character from "Dad's Army", the one who yells "Don't panic Mr Mannering, don't panic".

I love the idea of wrapping gifts in simple drawstring bags, partly because they look so pretty and partly because unlike expensive wrapping paper, a little bag is more likely to be re-used. 
Maybe I will find time to sew a couple for under my tree this year.

You can see more of these fabrics if you follow the Planet Patchwork link in my side bar.


  1. January is generally when I feel inspired to prepare for Christmas . . . then it sort of peters out until after the next one . . .

    I especially like the design on the top right. The colours are warming and the jigsaw-like arrangement draws one forward to peer into the detail.


  2. Oh, dear. I do need to start thinking along those lines. Love your cheery teddy designs!

  3. I always imagine starting Christmas preparations early but I never do. I tell myself 'not until October', then 'let's have Halloween and Bonfire Night first' and so I procrastinate and then panic :) I gave a couple of birthday presents last year in home made bags tied with pretty ribbon - I think the teddy fabric would be lovely for christmas ones:)

  4. Love the designs acornmoon and also agree about gift bags/wrapping paper. I have a few creative friends who do this and the little bags are nice keepsakes.

  5. Thank you reminding me of the fabric bag idea. I bought a beautiful gift bag in Japan - they have some gorgeous ones for taking presents when visiting. It's so lovely I use it as an evening bag!

    I'll have to work out exactly how it's stitched together and make some.


  6. I am so pleased that I am not the only disorganized person when it comes to planning Christmas!

    Welcome Celia, I also had a lovely Japanese drawstring bag last Christmas, It has two very contrasting fabrics for the outside and the lining, it also has two fabric "tulips" on the end of the drawstrings. I have been trying to figure out how they have been stitched. The Japanese are so clever at anything like that. It has been an ambition of mine, ever since I was a child, to go to Japan.

  7. I love your fabric.I will have to see if I can find some.I think the bags are a great idea.

  8. What a cheerful bunch of teddies, gorgeous Valerie!

    I have to start thinking about Christmas now if I want to get anything done. And I am a great believer in alternative wrapping too!

  9. Your fabric is really beautiful and puts my mind to my own procrastination about starting on some kind of Christmas craft. I was thinking of making quilted scares for hot drink place mats and putting a sachet inside with cinnamon, allspice, etc. Your fabric would be perfect!


  10. What lovely Christmassy fabric!
    It would also make some gorgeous Christmas stockings!

  11. Never too early for me! Besides, as I am loathe to turn on the heat in the fall, I"m sitting here wrapped in a shawl and feeling quite Christmassy...so I quite loved seeing your pretty holiday designs! Thanks for posting them!

  12. A fainting Robin..never did see one:)
    We did have one sitting by our window in winter waiting for some breadcrumbs..Its so nice of you to visit from time to time..
    Love the teddy fabric..And my Christmas planning is going to be a chaos as every year i'm afraid..

  13. Excellent post. You are obviously very gifted in that direction. I envy you. Lovely!

  14. The teddies are delightfully Christmas-y! What beautiful work, Valerie--like always!