Bookshop Treasures Unearthed.

In an effort to make a little bit of much needed space, I decided to venture where no cleaning lady has gone before, that’s right the spare room. (Under the bed in the spare room to be precise). To my amazement I stumbled upon a box of my books, previously published but now out of print children’s picture books.

I sometimes get asked for these titles so I have taken the plunge and opened up yet another shop, this one run by Big Cartel, so far so good. I have placed my very limited and probably unrepeatable stock of three titles of children’s books here. You can see these in my sidebar. The books are signed and I am offering them at their original price. They are “Down the Lane”, “The Acorn’s Story” and “Where’s my Share?”

“Down the Lane” is a hardback book and was printed in quite a small edition run, maybe collectable one day, who knows? These “Down the Lane” titles are first edition, signed copies and when they are gone they are gone!

And now, where did I leave my duster?

PS, I have now fixed the shipping problem, the shop (that is me) will ship from my house (now a dust free zone!) to anywhere in the world. Sorry I got it wrong.


  1. Ooh! Wonderful Valerie! nothing like discovering forgotten treasures.

    Happy dusting!

  2. Boo hoo... they don't ship to Ireland! *sniffs* What a shame.

    They look beautiful As always.

    C x

  3. Dear Ciara,

    shipping is from my house (now a dust free zone) and I am happy to ship anywhere in the world. I have probably made some mistake on the site, I will go and fix it straight away, thanks for alerting me.

  4. I wish I could find treasures under my bed. I only find dust bunnies. HA! HA!


  5. Don't forget to set one of each aside for your new grandbaby!

  6. Your drawing ability is so very good Valerie - those little animals are exquisite. I am about to order your puzzle from the jig saw people to give to the farmer at Christmas.

  7. How absolutely wonderful. Beautiful fabulous find!

  8. Fantastic! There a similarly dust laden pile of stuff under our spare bed and a box of lovely books - but I didn't write them. Must go and give a further investigation when I've got my anti dust inhaling mask on.

  9. What a treasure trove! I agree with Golden West, make sure you have a copy for the Grandbaby. I'm sure you already do...

  10. Hi Valerie - I just ordered two of your beautiful little books, "Down The Lane", and "Where's My Share." They will be Christmas gifts for my grandson this year - he loves books so much, especially with realistically drawn animals. These are so special, we promise to supervise his "reading" until he is old enough to take good care with them!
    Hope you are doing well and planning for a wonderful Christmas Holiday!
    I am slowly getting my energy back and hope to be posting interesting projects very soon!

  11. Thank you all so much especially Ciara who pointed out that my shipping details were wrong.

    Weaver, I hope the farmer enjoys his present, it was you who suggested jig saws to me so an extra thank you to you!

    Olivia, I hope you are well, I know you have had a difficult time recently. I hope your grandson enjoys his books.I have set aside some for my little lad also.

  12. These are lovely! Isn't it like finding old friends - and oneself from years gone by.
    Composing my shopping list now,

  13. Wonderful books Valerie. I remember now that I think I once had a book of days illustrated by you. This was years ago but I was very impressed with the lovely illustrations.

  14. Willow took the words out of my mouth... dustbunnies and dustdoggies to be exact... Your work is beautiful... your measure of detail is amazing!!!

  15. I love your blog! So many pretty posts!