Slow down, you move to fast.

"Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last
Just kickin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy"

( Simon and Garfunkel )

I have received some samples of my A3 pocket notes calendar, it's always nice to see the final product but, as with all dated products, fills me full of alarm. As I have got older it seems as if time has speeded up and now we are well into the final quarter of the year. It seems no time at all since I hung my 2009 calendar and yesterday I completed images for a 2011 calendar! Now I am looking at the clock and thinking yet again, what have I done today? Not a lot.


  1. Better going faster, than coming to a grinding halt!

  2. It is beautiful...
    Deadlines somehow make the time speed up! :) When my deadlines are all caught up and I'm not focused on projects three years ahead~ time does seem to slow (a little) but then the children arrive home & need to be in two different places at the same time, and time races again.

    Hope your day is calm... with extra time to sketch for fun!

  3. What a pretty calender :)

    Time seems to speed by here, too. This week time has over took me! I keep thinking its wednesday today!?

  4. Love the auricula in its little pot. Yes the years whizz by so quickly, but then a day or two spent in a new place seems like a week - I must go on more adventures to make time slow down ;-)


  5. I can hardly believe this year is almost over!!

  6. I love the image of your calendar, but I'm with you about the alarming pace of the seasons! They are speeding faster and faster.

  7. Well, if time has to pass alarmingly fast at least it does so beautifully with your calendar!

  8. How true that rings Valerie. I always think if you have one day in the week when you always do something (e.g. attend a class, meet a friend etc.) then the week seems to fly by until that occasion.
    I do agree with Jinksy though. As a friend said when I complained about getting old - it is better than the alternative!

  9. Ah Valerie, I also agree with Jinksy. I have read somewhere that when each day is busy, and also very similar to its immediate neighbors, that our consciousness just doesn't have enough to use to sort of keep score of time passing.

    So, it's quite good every so few days to step way outside of your routines demands and regularity. See a different part of town. Wash the windows. Start a new painting. Have lunch with someone you've not seen in a while. This is supposed to sort of stop that treadmill concept.

    It has worked for me, yet I don't try it often enough.

    Bet that 2010 calendar is a gem. xo

  10. Your little calendar is so charming! Oh, now I've got to listen to some S&G to clear the cobwebs...

  11. Your calendar is lovely. I agree, time has a way of speeding up the older we get. All the more reason to savor and be thankful for each and every day!

  12. Some days just existing is the right thing to do.