One final push to help our bees!

I know I said that I was taking a break but I felt that I had to ask for your help to support our endangered bumble bees.

This is what the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust are asking-

“You are TWO MOUSE CLICKS away from helping us to save the rare and beautiful Shrill Carder Bee.

Our wild flower meadow conservation work is in a competition, and we need your help to try and win. We are up against some huge charities with big mailing lists, so we need all of the votes we can get!

It only takes two clicks to visit the voting website and register your vote. Voting closes at midnight on the 10th February.

Visit the site NOW and help the bees!”

Of course all the projects are worthwhile but without the bees many of our wild flowers, fruit trees etc will disappear along with the birds and insects and mammals that these plants support, including us! So please, please, please, help our bees.