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Happy 29th February everyone! Are you doing anything special today?

It is said to be the day when a woman can propose marriage to a man. When I was ten years old I had a crush on the bread delivery boy, so taking the opportunity afforded to me on that special day I summoned up all my courage and asked him to marry me. He replied, "Ask me again in ten years time and I might say yes"! Needless to say he was replaced by another in my affections. I think that tradition is Irish, do you know any more?

(The leaping frog is from my book " The Acorn's Story").


  1. I'm waiting for my new great niece or nephew to arrive and wondering if we shall have a leap year baby today!
    You could have had free bread for life...

  2. I love all the stories surrounding leap year. Your little story is so cute! :)

  3. Wow, you were brave. When young I kept my crushes close and in the dark.

    Being married to a bread delivery boy might be a good thing. He would go to bed early, be out of the way mornings, and you could have all the bread you needed.

  4. Just love your frog illustration - I just missed out on being a leap year baby - my birthday is tomorrow - I would have hated only having a birthday every fourth year.

  5. Don't know where the idea comes from but love the frog!

  6. What a joy it is to visit you and take in all the magical illustrations! Your leaping frog is just beautiful. I've been reading back through your last few posts and each one is fascinating.

    I've never seen the cloth of spiders' webs before. Stunning and amazing. As it is still summer here ( though today is the first day of autumn) I am constantly getting caught up in orb weavers' webs, and I can certainly believe that they are strong enough to weave.

  7. There was quite a lot in the newspapers about it today - apparently it is traditional throughout Europe and has been for some centuries. If the man refused he had to buy the woman 12 pairs of gloves (so that she could hide her ringless finger one presumes).

  8. Over here in the States, a cartoonist named Al Capp drew and wrote a syndicated comic strip called L'il Abner, that featured the adventures of hillbilly characters. This was back in the 1950's.

    A leap year feature of this comic was Saidie Hawkins Day, February 29, and the antic of the handsome hero L'il Abner trying to elude an unwanted proposal.

    As a still un-married woman, I did not take advantage of today to make any proposals of my own. Perhaps in four years' time I will be more tempted by some handsome fella.


  9. Thank you for the leap year smile!


  10. Fabulous frog.. and the detail at the bottom.. very beautiful composition.