The Egg and the Chicken.

Blue skies and sunshine at last, after an unusually cold winter, spring is trying its best this Good Friday. Before I speak too soon and scare the sun away, may I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter. We are looking forward to seeing our family and exchanging Easter eggs and treats.

I made a little time for bookbinding, inspired by some patterned papers I printed, using designs I made for textiles. I only have an A4 printer so am restricted to small-scale books. I even found a use for some old buttons from my collection; I seem unable to pass a charity shop these days without foraging for such treasures. If you click on the photo’s you will see more detail. I also made a few books for my Etsy shop too whilst I was playing.


  1. Valerie, this little notebook is a gem! Using the vintage buttons is a perfect touch.

    May I wish you and yours a very Happy Easter!


  2. A wonderful little note book! (I have issues with button collecting too, which is odd, since sewing is not my strong suit! ha ha )
    The end papers are lovely! Well, all your art is lovely actually!
    Happy Easter! :)))

  3. Those books look so very pretty Valerie. Yes, isn't it lovely to see the sun again. Happy Easter to you all.

  4. Your book is very special - little piece of art. Precious!

    Happy Easter!


  5. I love your chicken note book! Hasn't it been lovely to see the sun today? Happy Easter to you too:)

  6. Valerie, I needed this charming notebook to go with my chickens.. Oh, and I will probably write in it,too. No sun for us today, or yesterday, but there is always tomorrow.

  7. You made a veritable treasure, and the button seals it!

    Happy Easter to you and yours,

  8. Beautiful little books. Those hens and that lovely feather work are just gorgeous. I see you have been published on material already, I missed that, hope your Easter is good, I've eaten too much already! It's all this cold weather, but the sun has been most welcome today and yesterday, may it continue.
    Thanks for leaving your comments, I lost one book deal, but it was very short notice and I was quite worked up about it, so here's to longer timescales! :)

  9. Hi Val...I'm glad that the weather is less grumpy than it has been...today is glorious sun here and yesterday I planted two new rose bushes...looking forward to warm days. Happy Spring and Easter to you as well!

  10. Dear Valerie,

    I have come, via my husband's computer - mine is not allowing me to plug in my Google password and write comments, to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter.

    I have been gazing with great pleasure at your exquisite notebook. Such beauty. May the sunny weather continue for you.


  11. Beautiful and I love the button touch. Happy Easter Valerie!

  12. What a delight this little notebook is ... if I only knew a chicken lover to gift it to I would snap it up in a moment!

    A belated Happy Easter, I do hope you've had a great weekend :D

  13. It is a lovely handmade book enhanced by your own designs on the end papers. I have enjoyed looking through your Handmade books section, such lovely ideas. So nice to see your books together, all beautifully made, of course.